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Product Name

Our most recent creation, A complete Green Wall for Spark Place, Cubao, under Robinson's Land Corporation.

This green wall was installed completely by our company from the PlanterCell PCW-170 Modules that housed the plants, all the way to the complete and fully automatic irrigation system.

Components of the Green Wall

173pcs PlanterCell PCW-170

  • Bordered around the signage present in this project. The PlanterCell 170 trays house the lush plants, giving contrast to the metal signage in the middle. This provides the signage with a hint of Green, and of course its aesthetic appeal.
  • Each tray has numerous features which make these containers ideal for green wall installations. Some of the features which set the PlanterCell 170 apart from other green wall pots are that they are UV-resistant, they have 2.4L of water retention in their cells, are quick and easy to install (only 2 bolts), have built-in drainage, are ready for ½inch irrigation lines and most of all, they allow for planting of all types of plants (Ornamental, Herbs, Vegetables, Vines, etc). As compared to small hanging pots which only allow you to plant wild grasses.
  • These trays are made in Singapore and are currently present in many projects here in the Philippines.

30sqm Fibertex Geotextiles

  • The Fibertex Geotextiles (Made in Denmark) are used as filter layers between the planting mix in each PlanterCell Tray, and the water reservoirs built-in into every single unit of PlanterCell 170. This ensures that each tray has 2.4L of extra water ready for the plant to absorb whenever they need it. This ensures that the mix will not harden, and at the same time the plants will not dry up. Fibertex Geotextiles are non-woven geotextiles which are made with 100% PP, and are therefore non-biodegradable.

600+ Plants (3 to 4 per PlanterCell)

  • Our horticulturist studies the area where the green wall is to be located and analyzes the amount of sunlight, humidity in the area, and checks other factors, then comes up with the plants which are best suited for the project. Our team makes sure that it not only looks nice, but also makes sure that these plants will grow and will remain sustainable throughout their natural lifespans.
  • These larger plant varieties cannot be planted in small hanging pots as their root areas are much larger and they need space to reproduce and grow. Just like a bonsai, if you limit the planting space and root growth of your plant, you are limiting the growth of your plant, and they will never grow continuously or live long. (Each PlanterCell has 150mm x 500mm x 130mm of planting space, as compared to other systems which only have a handful of soil.

Lightweight Planting Mix

  • Our landscaping team makes sure that each PlanterCell has a special organic, lightweight and nutritious planting mix, carefully catered to each variety of plant. This is because some plants need higher water retention, others need more of one of the trio of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus or Potassium), while other plants need to have less dense soil for root growth. Using ordinary soil for Green Walls is not advisable since ordinary soil may contain insects, weeds, foreign seeds, and disease causing organisms. Soilless Planting Mixes are generally free of these and are much lighter.

Complete Drip Irrigation System (with Automatic Timer)

  • You may not see it, but each of the 173pcs of PlanterCell 170 is fitted with 2 drippers per unit ensuring that no matter how high or what design your wall has, each cell will receive the same amount of water. You will not need to climb up and hose each one, nor will you have messy watering systems which drop water just from the top. (This is not good for the plants as containers on top will be flooded before water gets to the bottom. This will lead to root rot, weed growth and plant death)
  • This wall is automatically irrigated twice a week in the morning. The installed timer will water one section of the wall for X amount of minutes, then to the next area until the each PlanterCell 170 tray has sufficient water.

A complete and beautiful Green Wall for your home, office, store or building is what our company Eastern Wire Mfg Inc can provide. Our expertise in installation, irrigation, horticulture and plant maintenance is what sets us apart. We provide an all in service from Installation to After-sales Maintenance for your Green Wall needs.


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